Monday, 2 April 2012

Group E's Presentation Comments

Please put your questions/feedback for Group E in the comments.


  1. Will it still be comfortable with all the stuff on the pillow?
    Good presentation and gets me thinking about what my pillow has and doesn't have. certain detachables are not that appetising. People have tendency to move their pillow when they sleep, will the extra stuff translate into less comfortability?

  2. 1) What if the tissue paper pouch ran out of tissue?
    2) What happen if we turn the pillow around?
    3) What if we drop the pillow or someone throw it without knowing about its stuff?
    4) How is the vibration going to be sort of 'amplified' to wake us up?

    Not too bad idea you have there, presenting skills are still okay, however, you could make it more attractive with probably pictures, be more lively like Dominic. But still though it may be good idea, but why would i want to buy when I can just buy separately

  3. Good idea, but a bit troublesome when i have to put everything i want into my pillow and in the morning i have to dig all of them out and may forget sometimes.

  4. It's a good idea, but wouldn't the velcro be irritating if your sibling has itchy fingers?

  5. I think there are too many things to be slotted into the pillow. Firstly, having a handphone in your pillow is bad for health as theres radiation. Thus, it is not advisable to have your handphone in the pillow. Secondly, some people don't stay still when sleeping and their pillows end up on the floor when they wake up sometimes. If the handphone and other appliances are inside the pillow, i think it would be spoilt sooner or later. Your presentation skills are good.