Monday, 2 April 2012

Group D's Presentation Comments

Please put your questions/feedback for Group D in the comments.


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  2. If it is an app that allows you to manage your time properly, wouldn't parents be interested in it for their children too? So the question I'm asking is whether there is security provided in the app that allows only the administrator (e.g. the parents) to modify the contents. This way, the child can concentrate better as he/she cannot change the time limit for website's that aren't recommended.

  3. When you mention about solar charger and the AA batteries:
    How many AA batteries are you going to use?
    What if we drop our solar charger and it got spoil?
    Why would we buy it when we can just have the charger at small price?
    Why don't your group add in a storage to hold the energy so that we can charge it

    Not much of eye-contact when you are using the phone.