Thursday, 19 January 2012

Summary of I&E Lesson 1, 2 with Assignments

Goals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

1. Active Innovation

2. Living Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum aims to:

a) provide students with the foundational knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship;

b) foster in students an innovative spirit whereby they would embrace change;

c) help students understand that innovation is part of the change process towards excellence;

d) inculcate in students an entrepreneurial mindset of seeking and seizing opportunities through change and being resourceful in their endeavours;

e) equip them with the relevant innovation and entrepreneurial skills to practise innovation and entrepreneurship in simulated and authentic contexts.

I3 = I x I x I : Idea / Implement / Improve

Assignment: Kindly post your comments (include your name, please)...

1) Write as 3 key words related to innovation

2) Think and comment about 3 metaphors (include pictures of your objects for your post) to represent innovation. Describe how your metaphor represents innovation.

Think and comment about 3 ground rules conducive for 'Brainstorming'.

4) Think and comment about either
i) 3 lesson venues (outside of the conventional classroom, within SST) or;
ii) 3 classroom table / seating arrangement conducive for discussion and group learning.

Additional Instructions:
  • Nominate yourself / classmate if you are interested to be a I&E Representative for your class.
  • Please invite classmates to be co-authors to this blog.
  • Reminder to submit comments for the previous assignment (Problem Identification).

Date Due: Wed, 25 Jan 2012, 12pm

Wishing all Happy Chinese New Year!

Mr. Patrick Hiap


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  2. 1) Upgrading, Improving, enhancing

    2) His business was a Jackpot machine, Nikola tesla lighted the whole world with his lightbulb, Steve Jobs Upgraded the world with apple.

    3) Active participation, Combing ideas, Build on ideas generated by the whole team

    1) Hall -The place where everyone in SST gets together

    2) Canteen - The place for SST staff and students eat when they get hungry

    3) Laboratory - The place where "learning in real life" experiments takes place


    1)4 in a row - Might not be the best seating arrangement as classroom length is short.

    2) 3 in a row - Space saving , best arrangement

    5) 5 in a row - Not good, Less space for walking within the classroom

  3. 1) ideas
    2) new
    3) interest

    a swift deer
    this represents innovation bcuz you need to be a fast thinker, so that u can think of ideas b4 others.

    1. be creative
    2. no boundaries
    3. think fast

  4. 1. problem
    2. new

    lightbulb. A light bulb is the universal item for a good idea, and all innovations start with an idea.

    1. anything is possible
    2. creative
    3. use everyday life

    1. Multi-purpose hall
    2. Info hub
    3. Learning Oasis

  5. 1. Ideas, creativity, change

    2. An example is a cyclist in a race.
    If you want to think of something creative, you should be able to think out if the box which is like breaking away from the rest of the cyclists in a race.

    3. Be creative, base your ideas on anything, work with others to get a good idea

    4. Indoor Sports hall - Used for various sports and there is designated areas for all of them.
    Info Hub - used for students to study in a quiet environment
    OurSpace - used for students to their work in an environment where they may do their group work

  6. 1) New Idea
    2) Improving of Idea
    3) Benefit Better

    1- Thinker- Think(plan) before putting our actions to it if not the whole thing will not work.

    1. Everyone to participate
    2. Think first
    3. Improve on the best idea and then we get the final idea!

  7. 1) Creativity, change, revolution.

    2) Think inside out -> How can you improve an idea so that it becomes more eco-friendly to the environment but at the same time user-friendly?

    3) Listen to others with respect. No limitations. Focus.

    4i) Learning Oasis, Info Hub, Multi-purpose hall.

  8. 1) Ideas, Improvement, Putting into practice.

    Plant-An innovation is like a plant, it will grow if you feed it with enough food and water, but will die off if it runs out of them.

    Building- A theory is the building, the process of building the building is the theory-building process.

    Maze- Innovation is like a maze, there are a lot of dead ends, you need to work hard to avoid them and reach the end where you can have the fruits of your labour.

    Everyone gives an idea.
    Mix and match other ideas
    decide on points like whether its practical.

    Ourspace- A conducive place for learning in groups
    Learning oasis- Wide area, suitable for discussion with teacher
    Lecture theatre- Very wide area, used for lectures mostly with more than 1 class.

    Please invite me!

  9. Name: Hamidshah

    1) Creative Ideas, effective, problems

    2) Innovation is like a clay, where you can only change it to something new and better, but not the same as the state it was before, this shows that innovation is to create something better and not the same thing. Think out of the box, this represents innovation, as what you create must be better and must be beneficial to most of the people. The world is like a soil, if there is no plants the soil will erode, it is the same as earth, if there is no innovation the world will bot be a better place, this shows us that the world cannot live peacefully unless we have new innovation.

    3) Brainstorming : Stay focused on the task,
    Keep an Open Mind
    Listen carefully to each other's respond; one person speaks the others listen

    4) The Auditorium

    Lecture Theatre

    Multipurpose Hall

  10. 1)Creativity, Ideas and opportunities.

    2) A well. The more you use it the less like it is to dry out similar to new ideas.

    3)Always think out of the box. Don't be afraid to propose new ideas. Be confident.

    4i) Earth science room, the seminar room and the lecture theatre

    4ii)3 in a row, 2 in a row, 4 in a row

  11. 1) Improving, Changing, Creativity

    2) An example is a miner. In order to gather good ideas, one have to be initiative to 'dig' and find new ideas and also to create enhance something so that it will be more useful.

    3)No Boundaries, Focused thinking, Be Creative.

    4) Multi-purpose Hall, Canteen, Classrooms

  12. 1) Ideate, Creativity, Efficiency
    2) A tortoise, though you can have many creative ideas, be steady in picking the most effective yet efficient and realistic idea. Not just sprint all the way and get an idea you like.
    3) Think of as many ideas as you can, look at each of them, selectively pick out the best and realistic idea
    (i) 3 in a row - students can face the same laptop without having to turn much or shift chairs and tables,
    (ii) 2 on each sides facing each other - students can face each other and discuss and at the same time can turn their computer a little to be seen
    (iii) All to one table - students can focus mainly on one macbook and still close enough to share ideas

  13. 1) Improving, creativity, needs

    2) Living things, all of us have to adapt to our new environment and overcome our problems to survive. Thus, like innovation, we'll need to improve the product to overcome our problems and needs to suit our environment.
    3) Think of multiple ideas, never limit your creativity and combining different ideas

    4) The soccer field
    Indoor Sports hall
    Multi-purpose Hall

    Sit in a square (made up of 4 tables)
    3 in a row to facilitate discussion
    4 in a row

  14. 1. Creativity, Innovating, Efficiency.
    2. -Sky. Innovation is as broad as the sky. There are endless ideas.
    -Game. You have to think of strategies to win a game as there are challenges in the game. Just like innovation, and the the challenges are failure.
    -River. The stream of the rivers flow fast and slow at times. Animals living inside have to adapt to it quick, like how challenges will come at you and you have to adapt quickly.
    3. Be confident, Always think out of the box, Your imagination is endless.
    4. i) Learning Oasis, Multi Purpose Room 1, Multi-Purpose Hall.

  15. Creativity, originality, problems

    No ideas must be shot down, Be creative, Listen to everyone properly
    Learning oasis, Info hub, MPH

  16. 1. Upgrading, better, changes

    2a. Innovation is a sunset; everyone looks and thinks of it in a different way.
    2b. Passwords represent innovation, as not everyone will be able to figure out the correct way.
    2c. Necklaces are innovation. Not everyone uses it and the person who made it may not use it.

    3. No distractions, focus on the problem at hand, and keep an open mind.

    4. Info hub, auditorium, and Our Space.

  17. 1Change, Creativity and Innovation
    2)Innovation is like a scaffolding to our future.It shapes what our future might be, better or worse, as it depends on the innovator.
    3)Focus, Be creative and confident
    (i)Classroom, Hall, Our Space

  18. 1. Creativity, improving, innovation
    2a. Innovation is the sea. The sea is far and open and deep, the path is not always clear and can be dark and confusing at times.
    2b. Innovation is a sheet of paper. It is clean and blank like an idea, until you use it and improve it further.
    2c. Innovation is the earth. It starts out simple, but will change and improve over time, with the help of others.
    3. You have to keep an open mind, you need to stay calm, and you cannot be biased towards any ideas.
    4. Library/Info-hub, I&E room, and auditorium

  19. 1)Problems, improving, innovation
    2)Mining value from minds, Tapping into the intellectual brain bank, Widens the net for solutions
    3)Be as creative as possible, do not be afraid to share your ideals and list out for people ideals and see how you can improve them
    4)I&E room, auditorium, hall