Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All-In-One LS

By Hung Kye, Ming Yang & Darren & not me

Product name: All-In-One LS
Tagline: Never forget your stuff
Target audience: S2-08 & Public
Group Problem: When we students and adults bring their laptops around to school/ work, we have to bring a lot of things along with our laptops. Like Laptop charger, laptop sleeve. Along with our stack of books and files, we may forget to bring some of these items. Also, this makes our bag extremely heavy and troublesome because they are all filled with these items. Therefore, we are thinking on integrating these accessories to become all in one so that all we need to do is to remember to bring our laptop sleeve and we would bring all our other needs along too.
1. Light weight
2. Water-proof
3. Great ventilation
4. Good cushioning
5. Solar powered charger
6. Cooling pad underneath
7. Bring your things around, All-in-One

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