Monday, 27 February 2012

Summary of I&E Lesson, 27th Feb

Hello 2-08,

As mentioned during today's I&E lesson, submission for the following:

1) Individual Assignment:
Q1. Read this article and comment how Singapore can maintain its edge / niche and remain competitive?
Q2. What will be Singapore's niche in 10 years (year 2022) - you will be 24 years old and perhaps just started work...?

Each student to answer the above questions. Each answer between 200 to 250 words.

2) Social Innovation Report 2012 (in groups of 3, 4 maximum)
All sections to be completed (with 8 Root Causes, Solution Ideas).

The objective for the group submission is to evaluate the different perspectives of the root causes and the solution ideas (rather than the innovation of the solution).

Due Date / Time: Wed, 29th Feb / 12 noon (No further extension since it already is a leap year...)

Jun Wei: Kindly email the student group namelist by today, 3:00pm to

Mr. Hiap

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